Our Services

Consulting and Actuarial

We help our clients to understand and solve complex financial problems.
We do this by providing a range of consulting services or by finding the right products for our clients.

See our Actuarial and Consulting Services

GRAP25/AASB119/IAS19 Employee Benefits Liability Risk Management

ZAQ helps clients to reduce risks related to inflation and movements in interest rates

GRAP25/AASB119/IAS19 Actuarial Valuations of Employee Benefits

ZAQ provides world-class GRAP25/AASB119/IAS19 valuations – helpings clients to plan adequately for future employee benefit obligations, saving time & resources

IFRS2/AASB2 Actuarial Valuations of Share-based Payments

We frequently have the privilege of helping our clients reduce income statement volatility – especially when non-actuarial calculation techniques were utilized in past financial periods

Damages Valuations for Legal Purposes

ZAQ helps clients to ensure that accurate damages claims can be submitted

Actuarial Cash-flow Modelling

ZAQ helps clients with regards to future cash-flow modelling

IT ERM Support and Implementation Solutions

ZAQ endorses Symbiant Risk Suite for its clients’ IT ERM related needs

Employee Benefits

We focuse on providing value for money advisory solutions to our clients. Highlighting hidden costs and hazards that would cause deterioration in the long-term value of clients’ wealth.

Short Term Insurance

We help our clients understand potential risks they may face. By doing so, we assist in finding the best insurance fit for what you are willing to pay. Whatever the need, we will provide a sensible solution to protect your interests.